Travel Alert in Virginia Beach during the 4th of July!
Only $679 per week for a one bedroom suite! (Sleeps 4)

Everyone else is already SOLD OUT for the exact same week! 
Or you could book a similar room at the Holiday Inn for $3590.02!
(Without a kitchen and bedroom)

GAAB members will save a minimum of $2911.02 on this one vacation!
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Welcome to Virgina Beach's first class resort. Your spacious ocean front suite awaits you. Enjoy watching the sunrise and dolphins playing in the surf
from your own private balcony.

With 28 miles of white sand there are plenty of activities to enjoy such as: Waterskiing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, Boating, Fishing, Golf, and Tennis. 
As a member you would save a minimum of $2911.02 at the Four Sails Resort.You could take those savings and put them towards activities, food
or another vacation!

Enjoy this incredible vacation experience for only $679 per week!

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