LINDEN, NJ - One Linden police officer was shot Monday morning and another suffered an injury to either his hand or head after an active shooter opened fire at vehicles passing by near the corner of 536 East Elizabeth Ave. and Roselle Street, according to reports from BNN (Breaking News Network).

Units on the scene have reported that the suspect might be Ahmad Khan Rahami, the 28-year-old suspect who is the subject of Monday morning's manhunt in connection with the bombing Saturday night in lower Manhattan. It has not been determined if Rahami, an Elizabeth resident, also played a role in the bomb that was detonated in Seaside Park early Saturday, or the bomb found in a backpack near the Elizabeth train station late Sunday night.

Homeland Security has also arrived at the scene.

A perimeter at the Linden shooting scene has been established and the bomb squad was on its way to the scene to investigate the contents of a suspicious backpack found at the site. One person was in custody and being transferred to the Linden Police Department.