Margaret and her family are struggling to make ends meet. Her husband was laid off in 2010 and is currently collecting unemployment. Margaret, who has been out of the workforce raising the couple’s four children, also is facing difficulty in finding a job. Because of the family’s financial straits, Margaret is appealing to the United Way of Northern New Jersey North Essex Camp Fund for assistance in providing her children with an enriching summer camp experience.

“We would love to be able to send the kids to camp this summer,” Margaret wrote in a letter asking for help. “We feel it is especially important for them, as they have suffered the loss of their beloved grandparents – my parents – over the past few months. The children have been through a lot over this past school year. It would be great if they could enjoy a camp experience and have a chance to make some great summer memories.”

The United WayNorth Essex Camp Fund, now in its 70th year, has provided camp scholarships to thousands of needy children since 1941. Thanks to the Fund, children like Margaret’s children can benefit from a summer camp experience, participating in fun and educational activities, such as swimming, hiking, nature exploration and arts-and-crafts – activities that might otherwise be out of their reach. All donations go to fund scholarships; none are used to support United Way administrative costs.

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The scholarships offer children with disabilities or from low-income families the opportunity to enjoy a week at a camp run by half-a-dozen United Way partner agencies. To date, the Fund has raised $27,750 of its $36,000 goal. In total, United Way hopes to provide camp scholarships for 250 needy and at-risk youngsters living in the Caldwells, Cedar Grove, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Glen Ridge, Livingston, Montclair, Roseland and Verona.

“Sadly, we hear stories like Margaret’s more often these days as the recession persists and parents are out-of-work for extended periods of time,” said Cynthia Villarosa, chief professional officer at the North Essex office of United Way of Northern New Jersey. “The community’s generosity this summer has been so heartening. We’re less than $9,000 from our goal and donations of all denominations can still make a difference.”

In addition, United Way is offering the Camp Counselors’ Club, which provides donors with the opportunity to sponsor a specific child for $300. Club donors will receive a personal thank you note from the child.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to the United Way of Northern New Jersey North Essex Camp Fund, 60 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042.  For more information, email or call 973-746-4040.


New Donor List


Mrs. Jacqueline R. Leiszner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vitkowsky


Cedar Grove

Mr. John Bethune

Ms. Lois D. McNamara

Mary and Daniel Veltre


Essex Fells

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stern

Mr. Timothy Cutting



Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Thomas Heuston



Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Blumberg

Mrs. Marilyn M. David

Mr. Roger E. Flahive and Ms. Eileen Mallor

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Glajchen

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Murano

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Nathan

Ms. Kathleen Schaefer

Ms. Judith G. Silberner & Mr. Moshe H. Erder

Mr. George Y. Sodowick – Camp Counselors’ Club

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Veit

Ms. Louise F. Wydra



Ms. Virginia Benton Bailey - Camp Counselors’ Club

Mrs. Twyla Banitch

Ms. K. Monica Biondi

Ms. Joan M. Cox

Mr. Theodore Dupont, Jr. and Ms. Bianca Pasternack

Mrs. Barbara Etherington - Camp Counselors’ Club

Mr. David Feldman

Ms. Paula Gash

Ms. Mary Knowles and Mr. Stephen Feldberg - Camp Counselors’ Club

Ms. Ora Phelps

Ms. Dorothy L. Rodgers

Ms. Betty Rosenblum

Mr. and Mrs. James Schwei

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith - Camp Counselors’ Club

Ms. Joanne B. Stivale

Ms. Ethelind D. Stranahan

Ms. Viola D. Thomas

Mr. Peter and Mrs. Lisa Wald


North Caldwell

Mrs. Virginia L. Keith



Ms. Kathleen M. Cunningham


West Caldwell

Mr. Melvin Berkowitz

Ms. Pauline Condon - Camp Counselors’ Club

Ms. G Holubowreh - Camp Counselors’ Club

Mrs. Barbara E. Keane

Ms. Susanne S. Price


Non-Essex Locales

Rockaway, N.J.: Mr. Raymond F. and Mrs. Christine Sablynski

Boca Raton, Fla.: Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Citron