Name of Owner(s):  Robert Allen, executive producer & Holli Ehrlich, marketing maven

Business Name: New Media Connection

Website & Contact Information: 

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Business Hours: 24/7 by appointment

Established: New Media Connection was started in 2005.

Q: Why did you pick Livingston and/or what do you like about having your business located in Livingston?

A: We have been residents of Livingston since 1993 and owned businesses in town since 1995. 

Q: Tell us about your business:

A: We are digital marketing consultants and creative content producers who offer custom solutions for businesses to meet a vast array of marketing challenges. 

We help them develop their message and integrate social and digital media to get exposure on the web.  We help individuals, startups, and businesses, for profit and non-profit, be more effective in their social media marketing by creating a two-way conversation to build trust with their audience. 

We produce original video programming, online educational webinars, email campaigns, website and blog design.  Through careful study of our clients’ needs we can make it less stressful to understand and navigate the current online landscape to raise awareness of your product or service, build your brand, and strengthen relationships with your customers. 

Q: What types of clients are you looking for?

A: We are looking for clients that have social media anxiety and struggle with managing their online presence, feel that they cannot keep up with the ever changing technology, and have failed to give attention to updating content, marketing, and promoting their businesses with ideas that will engage new and existing customers.  We can design user-friendly websites and act as their social media concierge to manage channels in the social space including:  Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Linked In.

Q: What are some projects you are most proud of?

A: In 2005, we co-founded Wedding Podcast Network (, the largest online collection of wedding talk radio anywhere in the world.  There are more than 200 episodes of original programming educating engaged & married couples, wedding, & event professionals.

In March 2011 we co-produced The 21st Century Bride (, an all-day educational conference featuring cutting-edge online marketing and branding strategies from more than 15 esteemed industry experts.  

Q: What makes your business different than others in your field?

A: Return on investment is paramount today.  Our clients expect the highest quality experience and we get it done and get it done right. We make it a point to learn all we can about our clients’ business and have the knowledge, contacts, skills, and creativity to identify opportunities to reach their target audience.  Utilizing captivating video, images, and language, we can help business stand out from the ordinary and motivate a customer to take action. We invest in our professional development and continued education of the tools and techniques in the online space to make sure our clients set themselves apart from their competition.  We evaluate products and services so we can recommend and match the best resources and platforms to our clients. 

Q: What do you love about what you do?

A: We love turning ideas into creative opportunities that influence perception and drive success.  We research, create, and facilitate objectives from the first meeting.  It’s rewarding to help businesses engage with their customers and position them as an authority in their field.  We love creating posts that people will love, exploring new ideas, developing concepts, brainstorming just the right campaign, and putting our creative energy on the visual components used to communicate our clients’ messages.  

Q: What did you do before?

Robert has been involved in media production since the 1980’s and is a pioneer in emerging technology.  For more than three decades he has been an award-winning event videojournalist.  Robert was inducted into the WEVA Hall of Fame in 2002, received the prestigious Bob LeBar Vision Award, a multi-year International Creative Excellence Award winner, and for two years in a row was named to the Event DV 25 who are considered to be the most influential videographers in the field.  He has been speaking on the national stage since 1996.

Holli’s career has spanned a variety of fields such as high-end retail management, publishing, sales, bridal media, public relations, and event planning.  Since 1992 she has been in charge of the marketing and promotion of Robert’s video production business.  At New Media Connection, Holli values her marketing and people skills and assists with all levels of client communications including project facilitation.  She has worked with executives, editors, and producers to put clients in the spotlight.

Together, Robert and Holli co-founded Absolute Video Productions/Robert Allen Videojournalist, Wedding Podcast Network, an online life-stage media source, and New Media Connection.  

Q: How did you get into this field?

A: We started New Media Connection because we recognized how difficult it is for businesses to keep up with the constant changes in the online space.  With the success of Wedding Podcast Network and our entrepreneurial spirit, we realized we could create and curate meaningful content that drives traffic to gain exposure and influence online.  With our attention to detail and streamlined approach to using both social and traditional media channels we help our clients share their unique story, reach the right people, and build stronger relationships with their customers and the community at large. 

Q: What can you tell me that you want to make sure the community knows about your company that we haven’t mentioned above?

A: With more than 25 years in video, digital media, and technology, we come up with cost-effective ways to make your business, sales, and brand stronger.  We are creative storytellers and can work within any realistic budget to drive efforts to achieve growth and engagement objectives.  Once you’ve got a schedule and a voice, you’ll start to see customer engagement.  Most importantly, we offer tips, advice, and guidance that will help businesses avoid making mistakes that could negatively impact their bottom line.