WEST ORANGE, NJ — More than 65 realtors from Livingston, West Orange, Montclair and surrounding towns attended the West Orange Township Realtor Open House, sponsored by the West Orange Public Relations Commission on Monday, Feb. 22.

The event, held at Liberty Middle School, focused on informing realtors about West Orange’s services, schools, community and value to buyers looking to move to the area, and answer realtor questions. Many of the realtors in attendance have been West Orange residents from 10 to 30 years.

West Orange Public Relations Commissioner and realtor Krysta Senek was pleased to see so many in her industry attend the Open House.

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“I am thrilled with this response to the Realtor Open House,” said the 13-year West Orange resident. “While greeting people as they arrived, many expressed their gratitude for the town hosting this event.”

The audience viewed two videos, one about the town of West Orange and another about the school system, during the presentation.

Speaking about what he considers one of the town’s assets, Superintendent of Schools Jeff Rutzky told the realtors that he feels the West Orange school system, including the high school, is among the best anywhere.

“Our kids compete with kids nationwide. We offer things at West Orange High School that aren’t available anywhere else in the state,” said Rutzky, who added that communication is a big part of a successful school system. “We listen to our teachers and staff and our parents. Why? It is the only way to find out where you are and where you can get better.”

West Orange Mayor Robert Parisi addressed a question about expanding the town’s free jitney service.

“We realize it’s a huge selling point in neighborhoods that have it,” he said.

Parisi noted that the jitneys started as a service by NJ Transit that the town took over when NJT dropped it. He also said the town is working on expanding the service in the next couple of years to cover all of West Orange. The jitney service currently has five routes bringing commuters to the Orange and South Orange stations.

Also speaking was Downtown West Orange Alliance Director Megan Brill, who said she was happy to see the enthusiasm in the audience.

“We need more sessions like this so you can find out all the wonderful things we are doing downtown and throughout the town, and you can let us know what clients are asking for,” said Brill, who announced that a similar Open House for commercial real estate will be held in early spring.

The newly created “Welcome to West Orange” brochure was also debuted at the event. The brochures are available to realtors by calling or emailing Shari Quirk in the mayor’s office.