WEST ORANGE, NJ - Liberty Middle School Language Arts teacher and Livingston resident Kimberly DeMeo has published a book called "One Little Egg" on In-Vitro Fertilization and Egg Donation, and since May 17 it's already sold out twice on Amazon.com.  

DeMeo went to the bookstore last year looking for a children's book on IVF and Egg donation. She and her husband, Jason, proud parents of 19-month-old twins Miranda and Sydney, had taken a long and difficult road to parenthood, and had been blessed with two healthy daughters. Wanting to share with the girls the incredible and miraculous process that had helped bring them into the world, Kim sought out a book that she could read to them. She was surprised to find that few even existed. In response to the lack of kid friendly books on IVF, particularly egg donors, and recognizing that the number of IVF donor births were increasing, DeMeo was inspired to write her own book for her daughters, and "One Little Egg" was born.

"I had never planned on publishing the book.  I originally wrote it for the girls," said DeMeo.  "But after writing it, my husband Jason said I should try to publish it, and I felt I had nothing to lose." Outskirts Publishers picked it up and the book was released on May 17.  An extended maternity leave provided the time that Kim needed not only to spend with the girls, but to write and publish the book.

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Kim and Jason DeMeo's road to parenthood was a long and rocky one.  After years of trying to get pregnant, they realized that they would need to enter the world of fertility specialists.  They found Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, where they met Dr. Richard Scott.  Scott performed what is called an FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Blood Test to determine the 'health' of her eggs and discovered that her eggs would not be viable to conceive.  Dr. Scott told them that their best bet would be using an Egg Donor.  DeMeo struggled with this and went to another doctor, enduring several rounds of painful and invasive regular IVF treatments that failed.  The DeMeos eventually returned to Dr. Scott and RMA, who welcomed them, and the donor process began.

According to the RMA website: "Egg donation is a process in which the eggs of a young, healthy woman (donor) are combined with sperm in the laboratory via in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus of the recipient. Women who participate in RMANJ’s Ovatures Egg Donation Program as anonymous donors are between the ages of 21 to 31. All donors must undergo an extensive screening process using standards established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Thanks to egg donation, many women can overcome ovary function or egg production issues to experience the joy of pregnancy and childbirth."

Even for a woman with healthy eggs, Parenting.com notes "At birth, a newborn girl’s body contains all the eggs she’ll ever have—literally over a million “potential futures.” But starting from day one, these immature eggs begin to self-destruct and be absorbed by the body in a natural process called “atresia.” By the time that baby girl reaches puberty, only 300,000 eggs will remain in her ovaries. And over the course of her reproductive years, only about 300 of these will actually mature and be released, one each month for approximately 25 years." Read the full article at Parenting.com.

Along with Dr. Scott, the DeMeos selected an Egg Donor and the treatments began.  Kim conceived and discovered she was pregnant with twins. On October 4, 2011, Miranda and Sydney were born.

DeMeo has been teaching for 18 years, 15 in the West Orange School district.  She is returning to the classroom in September to teach Integrated Language Arts to the Seventh graders at Liberty Middle School. It is her hope that the spirit of "One Little Egg"  will help "all children conceived from egg donation to know how very much they were wanted and although they were conceived in a different way, this does not make them unusual; it makes them extraordinary."

To contact the author, visit her website at http://www.kimberlyfdemeo.com/.  "One Little Egg" is also available for purchase at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.