CULVER CITY, CA – On Tuesday night, West Orange resident Lisa Joseph cashed in on her opportunity at fame—and she did it big.

Joseph won a total of $82,050 on WABC-TV’s Wheel of Fortune during its “Wheel Around the World” week, the bulk consisting of $72,000 in cash and a trip to Lisbon, Portugal, valued at about $8,000. The daily “Wheel Watcher” turned contestant attributes luck to even getting selected.

The aspiring actress, event planner, and founder of Hub Deluxe, a company whose goal is to help small businesses create a stronger web presence, has also considered being a part of the Price is Right (coming to the Prudential Center April 17 of this year), but she said that due to Wheel of Fortune regulations, she has to wait one year to appear on another game show.

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However, she intends on printing out additional applications, just in case.

“This is a never know thing,” Joseph said. “I never knew that I would be on the show had I never had this experience, so why not try another one?”

For now, Joseph has other priorities including paying off her student loans and donating to her church, while investing the rest into a bank account. She is also actively raising funds for children in Haiti via Help Us, Save Us (HUSU).

With hardly any spare time, Joseph still has that all-expenses-paid trip to Lisbon to plan for. Being that it is currently winter there, she said she plans to wait until the climate heats up to treat her mom to the extravagant vacation.

“I just told her, whenever you’re ready to go, I’ll book the trip,” Joseph said.

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