The Early School students of Temple B’nai Abraham had a wonderful opportunity to learn about bees from Heather Braun, parent of an Early School child. To begin her program, Mrs. Braun read the children the book The Beeman by Laurie Krebs which tells the story of a grandchild and his grandfather who is a beekeeper. As the grandfather teaches the basics of beekeeping to his young grandson, the reader learns about the lives of bees and discovers the vital part that they play in the natural world. To bring this story to life Heather donned a beekeeper protective outfit,  gave the children the chance to touch a natural honeycomb, (without the bees in residence, of course)and explained the essential role that bees have in flower pollination. Buzzing around the room in bee-like fashion, the children alighted on a delicious snack of challah dipped in honey. For information about The Early School and its programs please contact Director Debbie Aronson Ziering at 973-994-7016 or e-mail Visit the website at