For those unaware, the State of New Jersey owns and maintains the Livingston Circle grass medium. In my opinion, the property maintenance is not done to our satisfaction when it comes to cleaning it up and cutting the grass.

With spring and summer approaching, we can anticipate what to expect in the coming weeks. In addition to the trash and bottles that are thrown into the Circle, we will now have uncut and unkept grass. Should the grass be cut, it is most certain that the state workers assigned to the Circle’s grass will run over paper and bottles with their lawn mowers. This will make the Circle a littered mess.

As a main entrance and exit for Livingston, the Livingston Circle is the first impression many people see with our town.  Most people do not know that the state is responsible for the Circle and that it is not Livingston’s responsibility to clean it up – all they know is that they have just entered Livingston and it looks a mess.

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I recently had a conversation with the New Jersey Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti and spoke to her about allowing Livingston to take on the responsibility of cleaning and cutting the Circle’s grass area.  It was a great conversation and I was told that other towns have made similar requests that were approved by the State.

I have passed this information to our Town Manager Barry Lewis and the rest of my peers on the Town Council in the hopes of having Livingston take control of the cleanliness of the Circle.

I, like many Livingston residents, are proud of our town.  Yes, our public works employees may have to do a little more to make sure the Livingston Circle is maintained, however, I know that the hard work they put into our town will extend to this too as they are also proud to be a part of Livingston.

With these improvements, other projects can occur. One which has been mentioned in a recent council meeting was to have a “Welcome to Livingston” sign put up in certain high traffic areas in town. The Livingston Circle would be a great place for this and maybe a few other pieces of art representing our town.

Council Member Michael M. Vieira

159 East McClellan Avenue