LIVINGSTON, NJ — When Farmer Eric from Quiver Farms, Pennsburg, PA, came to The Early School of Temple B’nai Abraham last week and brought two incubators, brooder boxes and two-dozen incubated eggs,  the students were excited about the prospects of such an exciting event happening in their classrooms.  

It was even better than the students and their teachers ever imagined. They had the opportunity to observe firsthand the cycle of a chicken’s life with the fabulous result of 24 fuzzy chicks emerging from their shells.

Through the chick-hatching project, the children learned how to care for the incubated eggs by checking the temperature, turning the eggs and keeping the water trough full. And then, one by one, and sometimes two by two, the students saw the chicks peck their way out of the eggshell and greet the world.

After a few days, Farmer Eric of Quiver Farms came to collect the chicks and to take them to their farm life.