On this week's edition of Bad to the Dad, Adam D makes the most of his business trip in Cleveland to interview colleague Dan Cobb. Dan chats about being the son of a detective in one of the country's toughest districts, and shares his experiences raising an adopted daughter and two teenage sons. 

"My dad would play this game with me when we'd go to restaurants. He'd ask me questions about the other people dining," says Cobb, an operations executive with a health care company. "Were they happy? Were they fighting? What were they talking about? I find that I am continually using some of the skills my dad ingrained in me when observing how people communicate."

"Dan is one of the most entertaining storytellers we've had on Bad to the Dad," according to co-host Adam D. "He'll share a great story about giving his oldest son, who happens to be a new driver, a lesson on the perils of speeding tickets. I have a feeling this kid will be driving the speed limit for the rest of his life." 

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