Bad to the Dad, the podcast that celebrates suburban dad life, went utterly galactic as it rolled out another winter special. Coach Randy and Adam D. hosted three West Orange "fanboy" dads for a debate about The Rise of Skywalker and the DIsney Plus Star Wars series "The Mandalorian."  The episode is entitled, "The Dad Awakens," and yes, there will be spoilers. 

Dads Jon Brooks, Neil Tenzer and Chris Diaz joined Coach Randy on chaotic but energetic panel to discuss the merits and misgivings of these long-awaited Star Wars vehicles. Adam D. served as moderator.

"Coach Randy and I found ourselves discussing Skywalker and 'The Mandalorian' in great depth over New Year's Eve. We almost missed the ball drop," says co-host Adam D. "We realized that if we were discussing these shows with such passion, other dads probably were, too."

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was released in theaters on December 20. "The Mandalorian", which follows the travels of a highly weaponized but kind-hearted bounty hunter, launched on Disney's streaming service, Disney Plus, on November 12.

"Even though we're just a bunch of geeks talking Star Wars, we didn't want to lose the dad element of the show," adds Coach Randy. "Going to Star Wars movies and buying the toys has become a real family affair, the kind of thing that gets passed on from generation to generation. It's not unlike going to baseball games or rock concerts."

The panel of guests all come from different professional arenas. Jon Brooks is a head of finance for an animation content company. Chris Diaz is an attorney specializing in workers' compensation, and Neil Tenzer is a user experience IT professional. However, the tie that binds these guys is a love of all things fantasy and sci-fi.

"The way Jon, Chris, Neil, and even Randy, build their arguments, you'd think their salaries depended on it," says Adam D. "On the podcast, you'll get the sense that their inner kids never left."

Bad to the Dad returns with a regular season of podcasts on Sunday night, February 2. You can find "The Dad Awakens" and all other episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotfiy, or wherever you download your podcasts.