LIVINGSTON, NJ — Andy’s Family Music Center of Livingston is proud to highlight its student Lauren Raiss, a Collins Elementary School fifth-grader with an aptitude for drums.

Taught by instructor Joe Vitello, Lauren began playing the drums at a young age and studies the instrument at school as well. She also has her own YouTube channel, and enjoys creating and editing videos in her free time.

A fan of pop music, Lauren has also tried the guitar, but prefers drums and hopes to one day play in the Livingston High School marching band. Her twin sister, Jenna, who is also a student at Andy’s, plays piano and cello.

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Lauren did not have a specific musical influence, but said she enjoys watching Casey Cooper on YouTube and recently bought his autographed drum sticks online.

In addition to drumming, Lauren also enjoys skateboarding and gaming. In the future, she said she hopes to have a career in fashion photography.

Take a look at Lauren Raiss rocking out on drums in the video below:

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