Just because the bulk of the holidays have already passed, this certainly doesn’t mean that the stress that goes along with them is also in the rearview. Most, if not all of us, still have some looming anxiety regarding getting back to work, making sure our arrangements are in order, and an overall concern if 2021 will be anything like 2020. However, we have a very simple solution that could mitigate some of this stress: stretching! 

The certified “Flexologists” at StretchLab, a unique wellness and fitness provider, have given several recommendations as to how you can use stretching properly and effectively to put your mind at ease.

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Most doctors and fitness professionals agree that stress directly affects the “tension triangle” of your body the most, which is your head, jaw and shoulders. The Flexologists at StretchLab have numerous clients who complain of tightness in their shoulders, so they’ve come up with some great recommendations to address that. 

Three Easy At-Home Methods

Shoulder Raises
The simplest exercise that you can do to alleviate tension from the comfort of your own home is shoulder raises. In order to do these, first stand or sit up straight and put your arms straight down to your sides. Next, move your shoulders up in a simple shrugging motion and then hold them up for a few seconds. Release the shrug and return your arms to your sides. After that just rinse and repeat for as many times as you feel comfortable! 

Shoulder Rolls
Another easy exercise that you can do from your own office chair is shoulder rolls. To do this, either sit or stand up straight with firm posture. Then, begin to move your shoulders in a circular motion going backwards about 10 times. Next, do the same thing but move your shoulders forward for the same amount of reps. 

Cross Arm Stretch
A third exercise that you can pick up and learn quickly is the cross-arm stretch. For this exercise, stand up straight and bring your left arm across your body right above your opposite shoulder. Then support your left arm with either the inside of your right elbow or with your right hand. Finally, stretch out your shoulder while facing forward for about 30 seconds before doing the same thing on the other side. 

If you’re looking to do more complex or more relieving stretches, you can make an appointment to stretch with certified professionals at both StretchLab Livingston and StretchLab Morristown. In these sessions, you will receive personalized assisted stretching and stretch recommendations. You will also have the opportunity to consult with Flexologists about any possible concerns. If you don’t want to dedicate too much time out of your day to the activity, you can schedule a quick 25-minute maintenance session that’ll focus on the major muscle group that needs the most attention and will still leave your muscles feeling relief!  Or try a 50- minute full body stretch.

For more information or to request a discounted assisted-stretch, call StretchLab in Livingston at (973) 738-2000 or visit https://www.stretchlab.com/location/livingston.

For StretchLab in Morristown, call (973) 796-2793 or visit https://www.stretchlab.com/location/morristown