Back to Work Prep: The Physical Aspect

As much as we’d all like to ignore it, the end of the year and the passing of the holidays means one thing: the start of another long year of work. Whether we’re back in the office in 2021 or if we’re still working from our dining rooms, we’re going to be spending the day sitting in a chair hunched over in front of a screen. We’ve all heard a million times how detrimental this can be for our physical and mental health, but there is a simple solution that can help you get through the workday and still feel good: stretching.

While you might originally want to dismiss the idea of getting up to stretch in between your hours of work, the certified professionals at StretchLab, a health and wellness company dedicated to improving health through stretching, have proven time and time again how valuable stretching throughout your day is.

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Before you even get back into your normal work flow, it couldn’t hurt to start working on proper stretching now, so that when you’re swamped with work in the future and you’re stuck in your chair for hours on end, you can feel physically better and you’ll have the keys to keep it that way.

The Flexologists at StretchLab recommend a variety of stretches that can help increase your range of motion and relieve the tension that builds up from a long day of work. These stretches include a mix of both static and dynamic stretches.

Static Stretching
Static stretching refers to the exercises that you hold in position for anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds. These stretches are designed to improve range of motion and to increase the blood and oxygen distribution throughout your body. These stretches are great for when you feel stiff after a long time stuck at your desk.

Dynamic Stretching
Dynamic stretching are the types of exercise that involve more movement, and they should typically be done before your static stretches. These stretches are perfect for warming your body up for any impending physical activity and they’re also a great way to get your muscles moving again after a long period of inactivity.

While there are definitely examples of static and dynamic stretching that you can do at the comfort of your own desk, you’d be missing out on the full experience and their full effectiveness by not visiting your local StretchLab facility in Livingston or Morristown. These facilities offer much more beyond home-based exercises. In addition to providing you with the hands-on experience of learning how to stretch from a certified Flexologist, you also have access to equipment that could allow you to do some of the more complex stretches, many of which involve assisted stretching. These facilities offer full 50-minute sessions that can extensively work your entire body, or 25-minute sessions that you could squeeze into your work schedule.

Even though sitting at a desk for the coming months might not seem like a physically taxing activity, it still takes its toll on your body, which is why it’s key to prepare your body by performing adequate stretches like the ones offered at your local StretchLab facility.

For more information or to request a discounted assisted-stretch, call StretchLab in Livingston at (973) 738-2000 or visit For StretchLab in Morristown, call (973) 796-2793 or visit