New Year’s Resolutions March?

We’re almost two full months into 2021 and realistically that means some of our New Year’s resolutions have already been put off until next year. However, this also means it’s still early enough to make some new resolutions or to even catch up on some that you might have fallen behind on. One of the most popular of these resolutions is directly related to fitness and exercise.

Many people fear being one of the traditional “New Year’s enthusiasts” who typically gives up on their resolutions after a couple of months. However, there’s a great option that can teach you some easy habits to develop at home while also improving your overall fitness and health. That option is StretchLab, an innovative new health and wellness brand that focuses on teaching you how to properly stretch and what the benefits of stretching are.

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You might be skeptical at first because of the traditional put-offs that are associated with starting a new fitness routine, but there are many great reasons why using StretchLab could be your perfect, easy-to-maintain New Year’s resolution. Here are a few of those reasons.

The “Put-Offs” That Don’t Exist with StretchLab


Like we just mentioned, the start of the new year typically means a flood of New Year’s enthusiasts everywhere you go. These crowded areas full of people who seemingly know what they’re doing already can be very intimidating to someone going to exercise for the first time, and sometimes it can even completely deter someone from going in the future. Not to mention, crowded places aren’t exactly the most comfortable situations to be in during the pandemic. However, at StretchLab, you can book your own specific appointment time which means fewer people and less uncertainty while visiting the facility.

Unfamiliar Exercise

When you first jump straight into a new fitness or recovery routine, you can pretty much be left to fend for yourself and to figure it out on your own. This can often be overwhelming to someone who’s new to the fitness world and it can often lead to developing an unsafe or ineffective schedule. StretchLab facilities, however, offer around-the-clock support from their staff of certified “Flexologists,” who are there to design the stretching formula that is right for you. This means if you have any specific questions or concerns, you will always have someone on-hand who is there to give you the specialized stretching regimen that’s been designed specifically with you in mind

Difficult Accessibility

One of the most daunting tasks when it comes to exercise and recovery is the prospect of needing to actually leave your home to do it. Stretching though, is something that can be done anytime and anywhere and can still improve your health and wellness. After consulting with one of the many Flexologists at your local StretchLab facility, they can provide you with the tools to have one of the most easily accessible exercise sessions of your life. Accessibility is key when trying to keep up a New Year’s resolution, and it doesn’t get much more accessible than something you can do anywhere you go.

For more information or to request a discounted assisted-stretch, call StretchLab in Livingston at (973) 738-2000 or visit For StretchLab in Morristown, call (973) 796-2793 or visit