No More Joint Pain

If you’re one of the millions of Americans stuck working from their kitchen table or at-home office, you’ve probably dealt with some type of knee or hip soreness over this past year. Pharmaceutical provider, Nurofen, has actually found that at least 33% of people have reported back pain directly related to their work-from-home posture and schedule, while another 27% reported an increase in general joint soreness. While this might seem like an inescapable hazard of the new workplace, there’s actually a fairly simple solution: stretching.

Almost all of the knee, hip, and joint pain that we’ve mentioned can be attributed to a tight IT band. The IT band is a group of fibers that runs from your hip all the way down to your shinbone and it’s a vital part of most of our lower body movement. This band can easily become irritated or sore from the poor posture that comes from sitting at a computer all day and also from a lack of muscle maintenance.

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Luckily for you, the certified “Flexologists” at your local StretchLab facility, a unique wellness and fitness provider focused on the benefits of stretching, have made this area one of their priorities in their normal routine of stretching circuits. Here are some easy and effective ways StretchLab can help you to stretch your IT band and to eliminate some of that lingering joint pain.

Stretches Designed for Your IT Band
Foam Roller

The foam roller is a resident favorite of most StretchLab members. The roller is fairly simple and can target a wide variety of muscle groups. First, lie down with your right thigh on the roller and hold yourself up with your right forearm and elbow. Next, slowly roll the foam roller back and forth between your hip and your knee. Switch between your right and left thigh about every 15 seconds. For professional assistance with this exercise, StretchLab provides every member with free access to a foam roller and with a friendly Flexologist to show them exactly how to use it.

Spinal Twist

Even though this sounds like a daunting stretch, it’s as easy as implementing better posture. To do a proper seated spinal twist, first sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Next, lift yourself off the ground and bend your right knee with your right foot over the top of your left knee. Then, grab your right knee with the right side of your body and twist to your left. Do this for 30 seconds before switching between each side. While this exercise doesn’t specifically target the IT Band, it still relieves spinal tension which contributes to the soreness in your IT Band.

If you’d be interested in a more specified or hands-on stretching experience, you can make an appointment of your choice at the StretchLab facilities in Livingston and Morristown. Here you’ll receive a personalized stretching regimen with face-to-face interaction with one of many Flexologists who will help you with any specific concern you might have. If you feel like a one-on-one appointment may be too much to start out with, you can also have a shorter, 25-minute group stretch with other StretchLab members.

For more information or to request a discounted assisted-stretch, call StretchLab in Livingston at (973) 738-2000 or visit For StretchLab in Morristown, call (973) 796-2793 or visit