When most people think of stretching, they immediately associate it with bending over and touching your toes in the morning or maybe even doing a few lunges before going on a jog. But what if I told you, there was actually much more to it than that? 

The certified professionals at StretchLab, a new and innovative health and wellness provider, have made a name for themselves by showing clients the right way to stretch and the benefits of doing so. Their facilities in Morristown and Livingston offer several affordable stretching services that can put you on the right track to achieving better mental and physical health, and they’ve also provided several key recommendations that you can implement in any workout – anywhere!

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Proper Stretching Tips

Consistency is Key
Sure, the concept of implementing a light stretch into your daily routine might seem monotonous or relatively unimportant, but the StretchLab Flexologists have proven that this actually does wonders! If you dedicate even 10-15 minutes every day to basic light stretching, the results over time will amaze you! You’ll gradually see an increase in your range of motion, a reduction in muscle tension and even speedier recovery from injury or fatigue. 

Simplicity Isn’t a Bad Thing
Some of the most useful stretches that you can do every day are the easiest ones to learn and master. Some examples include butt-kickers, lunges or even just a light jog before your cardio workout. While these stretches certainly aren’t miracle workers, they can still benefit you while allowing you to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. For the more complex and even more effective stretches, schedule an appointment with the Flexologists at StretchLab to see how many more options you’re really missing out on!

By neglecting to set aside time in your schedule for stretching, you’d be missing out on one of the easiest ways to achieve better health. For this reason, StretchLab has made it their priority to promote healthy stretching habits that can be easily incorporated into just about anyone’s daily routine.


Get started by contacting StretchLab and schedule either a short 25-minute maintenance workout that’s focused solely on a specific muscle group, or a standard 50-minute session that provides relief for your whole body. Both of these options come with personalized one-on-one time with certified Flexologists who will design a stretch routine specific to your needs and your body. If this seems like too much for a beginner, there are also group stretches where the Flexologist can assist everyone in the session. Each of these sessions comes with free equipment for the duration of your stay and they guarantee you’ll go home with a new perspective on stretching!

For more information or to request a discounted assisted-stretch, call StretchLab in Livingston at (973) 738-2000 or visit https://www.stretchlab.com/location/livingston. For StretchLab in Morristown, call (973) 796-2793 or visit https://www.stretchlab.com/location/morristown