NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - The TAPinto Featured Franchisees for March 2021 are Steve Lenox and Elizabeth Meyers from TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville. 

Neither Lenox nor Meyers are new to the TAPinto community. 

TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville was the third site Lenox launched, after previously opening TAPinto Paterson and TAPinto Bayonne. Lenox was awarded TAPinto’s 2021 Highest Honor Award for his work in Paterson. Meyers has taken her knowledge of the TAPinto system to launch her own franchise in Bordentown, with business partner Kristin Antonello.

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While Hamilton/Robbinsville is geographically separate from his other franchises by a long distance, the need for reliable local news delivery was just as evident. 

According to Lenox, the area’s local news coverage had been steadily dwindling, as in many areas, with less day-to-day local news coverage. Unlike his first two franchises, however, he wasn’t launching this one on his own, which was an important factor in his decision to expand into Central New Jersey.

“We (Lenox and Meyers) have been friends for about 20 years getting to know each other early in our careers in politics and steering an organization to elect young candidates,” Lenox said. “We have hundreds - literally hundreds just by Facebook’s counting - of mutual friends and colleagues that we call on for advice and often input on stories or content marketing.”

TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville has the unique position of being a leading local news outlet across two communities. Both Lenox and Meyers said the decision to combine the two towns was a no-brainer. 

“People are passionate about living and working here,” Meyers said. “There is rich cultural diversity in addition to deep family roots in multi-generational families with new families putting their roots down here.  There is never a shortage of things to do – even if many of them are virtual right now– or groups to join. We greatly enjoy getting the word out about the good in the community and helping keep everyone connected...In many ways, the Hamilton and Robbinsville area is a microcosm of the suburban parts of the state and country. While we may fall on that line of North and South Jersey, however, we are undeniably Central Jersey!”

One of the main goals the two share is to always keep growing their sites, in regard to both advertising and content, sometimes both.

“Beginning in March, we will be welcoming a local author who will be providing a monthly column ‘Unleash Your Positive Possibilities’ that we hope will be a place for reflection and personal growth,” Meyers said. “We also are about to officially launch a Pets section that would include a lost and found option for families to reconnect with their lost furry family members. Plus, we hope to be bringing in new content marketing partners that will highlight activities and business options in the community.”

Above all, they want their audience to know this community is an integral part of their daily lives. 

“Just like many of the businesses in Hamilton and Robbinsville, we put our head down every day and work hard to grow our small business,” Meyers said. “We know how difficult this economy has been for businesses, and we have felt the impact, too. I live here, raise my children here, shop, and get take-out food here. We understand the culture and the rich sense of community here.  And we welcome feedback if there is some issue or event happening that readers think their neighbors would like to hear about. 

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