LIVINGSTON, NJ — After a long summer of waiting for the grand reopening of Littell People’s Park in Livingston, the newly renovated playground is officially open and the reviews from residents have been overwhelmingly positive.

A quick social media poll and conversations with park-goers over the last few weeks revealed that Livingston children of all ages are enjoying the renovated playground a great deal. As the warm weather continues, there are still a couple months left for children to enjoy it before the temperature plummets.

Jain Sapna said her daughter asks to visit there daily.

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“My almost 2.5-year-old daughter can’t get enough,” said Sapna. “She asks me to go to the park every day. Love the new set-up slides, swing and merry-go-rounds. No joke, I had to drag her home from the park the other day because she was having fun at the park.”

Devra Bornstein Strauss also said she has been to the park a lot since it opened.

“We love it there,” she said. “I like the size and that I can see pretty much the entire park from any place.”

Rina Daya Surti said she is grateful for the renovations and took the opportunity to thank everyone who worked on the playground.

“Thanks to all the people who have made the playground so awesome,” she said. “I know it was a long wait for many (we just moved to Livingston this summer so we didn’t wait as long). My girls love the musical instruments and the swings.”

Surti also shared two suggestions, which included installing shade sails and bathrooms.

“The last time we were there, we had to use the portable toilet, which was really unsanitary with no tissue or water,” said Surti, who also suggested the township consider the possibility of opening the pool bathrooms to pool-goers.”

Jen Deitch Lavie summed up the new park in three words: “Definitely an improvement.”

“Definitely much better,” Allison Brief Ritter said in agreement. “My kids love it!”

Jen Waldman, who was very enthusiastic, said the new park is perfect for both her kids 4.5 and 2 year old, adding that that the playground is clean, fun and has a nice layout.

“[I’m a] big fan of the monkey bars and middle spinning structure,” she said. "Added benches are great, too."

Indre Trinkunaite said her children are thrilled with the park, and Lauren Silver also praised the renovations as well as the new benches that were recently added.

“We were there yesterday and today,” she said. “The kids loved it and so did I.”

Nora Leval Vickerman appreciates the playground being fenced in.

“Love the new design,” she said. “It’s also still fenced in, so that makes it easier for parents to not worry about their children leaving the area.”

Although Amy Cohen said she also loves the playground, she agreed with Surti that it would be improved with some shade.

Overall, the consensus around town is that the new and improved Littell People’s Park is a hit.

The Township of Livingston delegated funding for a restoration project as part of the 2018 capital budget. Upgrades included in the project were new equipment, surfacing, curbing and fencing. 

According to Jeannette Harduby, Livingston Township Engineer, the Livingston Department of Public Works completed the removal of the existing playground equipment in January 2019 to help lower costs, “keeping this phase of the construction in-house.

The mayor and council will be on hand during a special ceremony on Monday night to cut the commemorative red ribbon marking the park’s official opening.

Mayor Al Anthony was enthusiastic about the project, stating that the “new park and equipment should bring countless hours of fun to our little ones in town.”

The mayor and council will be on hand during a special ceremony on Monday night to cut the commemorative red ribbon marking the park’s official opening.