LIVINGSTON, NJ — A six-year resident of Livingston and self-proclaimed “inspirational guidance coach” is helping community members rediscover their purpose through her independently owned business called “more.”

Now located at the corner of South Livingston Avenue and East Northfield Road just above Seymour’s Café and Excel Physical Therapy (formerly SAMS Mens & Boys Clothing), more. officially opened on March 1 and recently became the second Livingston business to host a ribbon cutting ceremony since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Owner Christy Sanborn was previously working as a hairstylist at Livingston’s Dieci Lifestyle Spa when she realized it was the therapeutic aspect of being the person behind the chair that gave her joy more so than styling hair.

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“It wasn't the hair, it was helping people behind the chair—talking to them, inspiring them and hearing their stories,” said Sanborn, who then decided to look into the possibility of becoming a life coach. "I made up this name of inspirational guidance coach because it just sits with me well. It's not so much that I'm a life coach; I just feel like people get stuck at times, and they just need some tools to help them feel better and live a healthier, happier life.”

Sanborn, whose teenage daughter and five-year-old son currently attend Livingston Public Schools, explained that she wanted to open her business in Livingston because she knew she had something valuable to add to the community.

“I just think it's something that our town might be missing—some more mindful coaching,” she said. “In this time that we're living in right now, I think we all just are doing some soul-searching, and I'm just trying to help people do that…

“It was a strange time to open; but then again, when you have a mission or a purpose, you have some direction in your life and you know what you're going for, then there really isn't a perfect time. Like when you want to have a child and everyone says maybe it's not the right time—if it feels right, then it is right, and this felt right to me. I'm glad I did it when I did, and I'm very patient with it knowing that it's going to take time for people to kind of get this whole concept.”

Although she described New Jerseyans as being busy but productive people, Sanborn also expressed that residents of the area tend to “go so fast that [they] forget to stop and smell the flowers.”

“That’s why I wanted to do it Livingston,” she said, adding that there is a lot of wealth and opportunity in Livingston, but that people sometimes forget to prioritize self-care. “There are a lot of wonderful people here and a lot of greatness here; we just need a little shift in the mindset of people…

“I think it really just comes down to taking self-care. I think as a parent, you have to take time for yourself. You have to take time and you have to exercise and eat well and breathe and be able to feel okay saying, ‘I need a break.’ You have to get better at working on yourself and [knowing] it can be fixed. All you need is the tools [and to] get back into touch with what makes you feel better.”

Sanborn runs her business on the belief that it is “possible for everyone to be healthy and happy” and that “things can be better for everybody.”

“You just have to be resourceful and believe in yourself,” she said. “Believe that you have something to offer and then give as much and then some, like I do with all my clients. I try to give everything to them.”

Joining Sanborn and her family at last week’s ribbon cutting ceremony were Livingston Mayor Rudy Fernandez and members of the Livingston Township Council along with Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Beth Lippman and President Monte Ehrenkranz.

More. is located at 2 East Northfield Road, Suite 6, in Livingston, and is currently offering one-hour Zoom or phone sessions for any clients who feel uncomfortable visiting Sanborn in person. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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