LIVINGSTON, NJ — The Livingston Public Schools district recently announced that four teachers—, Ashley Lyons, Angela Selnick, Lori Palazzo, and Taryn Rogalsk—have graduated from the select Orton-Gillingham reading methodology certification program.

Orton-Gillingham is a collaborative program between Livingston Public Schools and Fairleigh Dickinson University. As part of this program, four staff members have been intensively trained and certified as teachers of this methodology.

“We were pleased to support our teachers in their pursuit of their certification,” said Marybeth Kopacz, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development. “Their coursework included a practicum in which selected students from the district received supervised, and individualized tutoring in multi-sensory reading and spelling strategies. We are thrilled to have teachers using these strategies in our classrooms to differentiate instruction.

“Our staff members will also have the opportunity to share what they have learned by turnkeying the information to colleagues through Professional Development sessions. It is important for us to use a variety of research-based practices to support instruction so we can meet the needs of our students.”