LIVINGSTON, NJ — The Township of Livingston has made it easier for residents on the “Do Not Knock” list to report violators by creating a complaint form they can use to report a solicitor who has either ignored the list or has been overly aggressive or abusive.

Copies of this form are available at Livingston Town Hall or can be accessed online at

The township’s peddling and solicitation ordinance was recently amended to comply with first amendment rights after Aptive Environmental LLC challenged Livingston’s solicitation ordinance in 2018 and threatened to file a lawsuit if the township did not make certain changes. At the time, the township built a “Do Not Knock” list into the new ordinance that allowed hundreds of Livingston residents to avoid unwanted solicitors.

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However, several residents registered on the list have recently complained that representatives from the same company are still approaching their homes and are being aggressive in some cases.

The township announced that there is currently a process in place that allows the township to revoke the company’s solicitation permit if its representatives do not comply with the ordinance, but that residents need to report these incidents in order for the township to do so.

The more documentation that the township receives through police reports and these “Do Not Knock” complaint forms, the stronger the township’s case against this particular solicitor will be.

If any residents on the list are still being solicited at their home, they should fill out the form or call the Livingston Police Department at 973-992-3000 to report the incident immediately. Per applicable state and federal laws, the list does not prohibit visitation by non-profit, charitable, religious or political organizations.

Those who have yet to register for the “Do Not Knock” list can still do so through the township’s online database or in person at the clerk’s office at Livingston Town Hall, 357 S. Livingston Avenue.

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