LIVINGSTON, NJ — For the third time this year, Livingston Mayor Al Anthony has been given the opportunity to officiate a wedding, which is one of his lesser known but among his favorite responsibilities as mayor.

The most recent wedding was the mayor’s largest to date, with nearly 300 guests on hand to celebrate the marriage of Nikki Riccardi and Sam Tarasowsky at the Pleasantdale Chateau. Riccardi’s parents, Vince and Rita Riccardi, have lived in Livingston for decades and are good friends of the mayor’s. Nikki is the first of seven Riccardi children to get married.

“Whenever you can surround yourself with love and happiness it's incredibly uplifting, so officiating weddings is clearly one of the best benefits of being mayor,” said Anthony. “This one was particularly special, as it was for longtime family friends and a terrific young couple who have a bright future ahead of them."

The mayor also performed two weddings in June.