LIVINGSTON, NJ — After being named the winner of the 2019 council election earlier this month, 13-year Livingston resident Michael Vieira was officially sworn into the position during a special ceremony held at Monday’s township council meeting.

Vieira’s son, Michael, held the Bible as his daughter, Samantha, asked her father to swear that he will “faithfully, impartially and justly perform all the duties of the office of council member according to the best of [his] ability.”

Vieira has been serving as an appointed member of the Livingston Township Council since Feb. 25, 2019. Now an official member of the council, Vieira stated that although the first swearing-in was very special to him, Monday night “was even more since it was the voters who put [him] back onto the council.”

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He vowed that every vote he casts and decision he makes as a member of the governing body will be because he believes it will make the entire town stronger.

“On Feb. 25, I made a promise to the residents of Livingston, and I’m going to reiterate that promise,” he said. “I am here for every single person no matter what party you’re with. I do not play party favorites, and I also will not play politics in this room. I just want to work for Livingston and do everything that’s right for the residents of Livingston.”

As he acknowledged his other family members, including is wife, Gabriela, Vieira also explained why it was so special to have his 18-year-old daughter swear him in.

“When I was first sworn in, there was a little argument in my house with Samantha and my wife, Gaby—and of course I wanted my wife, Gaby, to swear me in; however, Samantha comes in and brings up this great point,” said Vieira. “She said, ‘Dad, how about you let me swear you in now and then when I’m a councilwoman in the future, you can swear me in.’ So, Samantha, just keep on dreaming...I hope that you do, some day, sit up here as a councilwoman.”

Noting that Monday would have been his grandmother’s 100th birthday, Vieira added that public service has always been in his blood, as his grandmother was also involved in politics in his hometown of Orange.

Vieira also extended an “Olive Branch” to Brandon Minde, who he said was a “formidable candidate and opponent” in this election. He invited Minde to come speak with the council if he is still interested in working on any of the ideas he brought up during his campaign.

In addition to thanking all those who voted for him, Vieira also thanked his council teammates for supporting him in the election and trusting him to continue on with them.

“I look forward to the next 13 months of being part of the team again,” he said. “We’ve done some great work over the last couple months, and I hope that we can continue to do great work.”

Reiterating that this special election was only for a 13-month term to fill a vacancy left by a resigning council member, Vieira said he looks forward to running again in 2020 alongside current mayor Al Anthony for a full four-year term on the Livingston Township Council.

Several community members congratulated Vieira during public comment and wished him well in the year to come. 

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