LIVINGSTON, NJ — When the Livingston Health Department (LHD) released an age breakdown of the 229 cases reported in March, data indicated that slightly more than 51% of all cases were reported among people 30 years or younger, including 28 cases (or 12.22%) under 10 years old, 56 cases (or 24.45%) between the ages of 11 and 20 and 33 cases (or 14.41%) between 21 and 30 years old.

As of Monday, April 5, the LHD reported a cumulative total of 1,917 cases—indicating an increase in the rate of transmission locally in recent weeks compared to February, which saw a total of 197 cases. At the end of the month, the Township of Livingston was reporting a five-day rolling average of approximately 10 cases per day compared to a five-day average of seven new cases per day at the end of February.

One notable statistic reported in March is that cases for some age groups—such as the zero-to-10 age group, the 21-to-30 group and the 41-to-50 group—nearly doubled from the previous month while the cases reported in other age group—such as the 61-to-70 age group—was cut in half.

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“March was not a good COVID month for Livingston,” said Mayor Shawn Klein, who continues to encourage all residents to get vaccinated as soon as they become eligible. “This is a race. If we do not all get vaccinated and there continues to be a high volume of virus around us, a variant will come along that will outrun our vaccines.

“You are either going to get the virus or one of the vaccines. Which has fewer side effects? The vaccine may make your arm sore or make you feel fluish for 36 hours. The virus can make you sick for weeks or even kill you, and you can pass it to others. We can do better. We need to do better.”

The following is a full breakdown of local cases reported in March compared to February, according to the Livingston Health Department:

  • Age 0-10: 28 cases (or 12.22%) compared to 13 in February
  • Age 11-20: 56 cases (or 24.45%) compared to 33 in February
  • Age 21-30: 33 cases (or 14.41%) compared to 12 in February
  • Age 31-40: 16 cases (or 6.98%) compared to 13 in February
  • Age 41-50: 51 cases (or 22.27%) compared to 26 in February
  • Age 51-60: 27 cases (or 11.79%) compared to 21 in February
  • Age 61-70: 10 cases (or 4.36%) compared to 22 in February
  • Age 71-80: 3 cases (or 1.31%) compared to 5 in February
  • Age 81-90: 4 cases (or 1.74%) compared to 3 in February
  • Age 91-plus: 1 case (or 0.43%) compared to 1 in February

Also according to the LHD, there were no new deaths attributed to COVID-19 and no new cases reported from Livingston’s long-term care (LTC) facilities in March.

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