LIVINGSTON, NJ -- Yin Yoga has become a fast-growing practice among long-practicing yogis, but is also great for beginners who are looking for yoga that is slow, accessible and will gently stretch the body.

Yin Yoga has been known to restore range of motion and revitalize the tissues in the body by holding poses for multiple minutes at a time. As the body sinks deeper into each pose your muscles will begin to lengthen and adhesions will begin to release. 

Joanna Walker, yoga teacher at CardioYoga Studio, is hosting a Yin Yoga Pop-Up Class Sunday, March 10 from 7 to 8 p.m. She will begin the class with 30 minutes of classic seated yin poses followed by 30 minutes of relaxing and supported restorative poses. By combining both Yin and Restorative yoga your body will slowly open, your mind will become still and your breath will flow freely and easily.

Sign up at to save your spot. The pop-up class is $24, or you can purchase the New Student $49 Monthly Unlimited special! CardioYoga Studio is located at 521 South Livingston Ave., Livingston