LIVINGSTON, NJ -- Are you pregnant or do you know someone who is expecting?

While pregnancy can be a truly incredible experience for a woman, it also can be an uncomfortable and challenging transition for mom, as aches and pains grow in her back, hips and glutes.

During pregnancy, it is important to focus on stretching and strengthening the muscles that take on so much of the weight of our growing bodies, and to make sure you’re doing so safely for both you and your baby bump.

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CardioYoga, located at 521 South Livingston Ave., is offering a Prenatal Fitness + Wellness Series for expecting mothers. Not only might this series physically strengthen and tone women’s bodies for birth, but it also could mentally and emotionally prepare them for the changes ahead.

To begin the seven-class series, an experienced doula will share how to best care for your body during pregnancy, throughout labor and postpartum care. There will be time at the end to ask any questions about birthing plans and overall pregnancy wellness.

The following classes will be alternate between  LIIT™ (Labor Intensive Interval Training) and Prenatal Yoga classes.

LIIT™ will teach how to achieve proper alignment and core activation while participating in cardio intervals and functional strength-training drills. The circuits will be intermixed – a proprietary way of helping physically and mentally prepare for labor. This class will help you train for a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery while building strength and endurance in a safe, fun and effective way. The Prenatal Yoga classes will help to relieve aches and pains many women experience during pregnancy. The class will entail deep stretching, focused breathing and mental centering.

This seven-class series will be held at CardioYoga Studio, located in Livingston NJ, and led by three amazing teachers trained in all things prenatal health and wellness.  The first class will begin on July 10 and will meet every Wednesday at 10:45 a.m., ending Aug. 21. The cost for this series is $150 and will be capped at 15 participants. Sign up now at