LIVINGSTON, NJ -- On the evening of the Summer Solstice, Friday, June 21 from 7 to 8 p.m., experienced life coach Dana Cilento-Murphy will be at CardioYoga Studio at 521 South Livingston Ave. in Livingston to guide you through transitioning your life from one phase into another.

In addition to giving advice on how to handle periods of transition such as becoming a mother, an empty-nester or even dealing with the loss of a parent, you will dive deep into your desires and design how this next chapter of your life with look.

The beginning of summer brings warmer weather and extended evenings that cue the excitement of outdoor activities and summer events. This transition from spring to summer is a period of energetic happiness and longer days, which lead to the perfect environment to make decisions and take action. Just as we react to the changes of the seasons, it’s also a good time to notice the changes happening within our own lives and make conscious decisions on how to react to them.

Grab a notebook and join Cilento-Murphy at CardioYoga Studio on the longest day of the year that marks the official start of summer, and learn how to go between transitions in our life as smoothly and beautifully as the seasons change from spring to summer.