LIVINGSTON, NJ -- If you’ve been missing out on some crucial zzz’s and just can’t seem to get that full eight hours of rest, come try a Yoga Nidra Meditation (aka Yogi Sleep!). This meditation brings your mind to a place of hovering between awake and asleep, resetting your subconscious mind.

Wendy Kaplan is a trained Yoga Nidra Meditation teacher, and uses verbal cues and sound bowls to shift your mind from “go-go-go” to “let-it-go”. The brain responds to this shift by releasing serotonin, the natural mood-regulating hormone that calms you down. Once you are in this place, your brain waves mirror the same waves of a sleeping-state allowing your brain to be relax and awake feeling refreshed.

This Sunday, Feb. 24 from 7 to 8 p.m., Kaplan will be at CardioYoga guiding people into a place of total relaxation so they can start the week off right! The class is just $24, or if you’re new to CardioYoga, you can purchase their New Student Monthly Unlimited Pass for $49. Register at:

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