LIVINGSTON, NJ — On behalf of the entire Livingston Police Department (LPD), Chief of Police Gary Marshuetz and Livingston Police Captains Thomas Smith and John Drumm recently visited the City of Newark to “stand in solidarity” with other police executives throughout Essex County and to “publicly denounce the actions of the former Minnesota police officers” involved in the death of George Floyd. 

"The captains and I were proud to stand with so many other law enforcement executives to publicly denounce the use of force deployed in the George Floyd incident," said Marshuetz. "It should not have happened. It has also been our goal to work with other Essex County departments for the greater good. The protests in our county have been largely peaceful and that is something we can all live with and applaud."

Following Floyd's death, Marshuetz released a statement in which he described the Minneapolis officers' actions as “upsetting, unnecessary, disturbing and unacceptable." He also indicated that the LPD grieves alongside the community and respects the community’s right for peaceful protest.

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