Welcome to Date Night With Janet, TAPinto the Mainline's regular restaurant review column, with a twist! Here our mystery critic will be sampling and critiquing the best places to eat around Lower Merion Township and Narberth while also giving you a review of how the date rates. 

Date Night With Janet

Al Fresco Dining With Authentic Mexican Cuisine and a Side of Romance At Ardmore’s Own Besito Restaurant

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If you’re looking to squeeze in a few more al fresco date night dining experiences before the Fall weather prohibits those plans, look no further than Besito Mexican Restaurant in the heart of Suburban Square Ardmore, PA!

Rob arrived at 7 pm on the dot in his fast foreign car eager to begin the night. After an awkward hug hello, he opened the car door and I squatted low to plop into the leather interior seat. It was clear from its pristine condition that this car was Rob’s pride and joy, which I must admit, made my eyes roll.

He put the car into gear and we were off on our first date adventure.

The bland car conversation discussing the work day and weather had me craving something spicy for dinner. After parking his precious car, we strolled the sidewalk packed with shops to get to the restaurant.

You’re bound to feel a warm and cozy vibe as soon as you approach the restaurant lined with lanterns, string lights, and indoor/outdoor fireplaces. Spanish tunes hum through the speakers and the smell of cilantro and spices fill your nose, transporting you to the heart of a Mexican village.

Being a true Aries, I took charge once inside, informing the staff we had reservations for two. The hostess pleasantly guided us to the table of our choice and I couldn’t help but wonder if the relationship succeeded if I would be the one to wear the pants.

We chose to dine outside on the patio taking full advantage of the lovely beginning of fall weather. Our table was around a bend in a cozy private cove surrounded by bulbed string lights. My eyes fixed on the large screen doors that had been left open so that the indoor tables could still feel a bit of the outdoors.

I then studied Rob’s face noticing the stubble that coated his structured jawline. He was a handsome guy, I couldn’t deny. As a sucker for blue eyes, I nearly drowned in his, which distracted from his tacky and showy tendencies in conversation.

Mason jar waters, chips, and salsa were brought to the table without even having to ask, along with a pair of menus. The warm tortilla chips were salted, light, and airy with the perfect amount of crunch and bite to satisfy your palette.

A delicious house-made salsa accompanied the chips giving them a fresh flavor. I secretly wished I could double dip, but stopped myself. That was more like a third date gesture.

We chatted about life goals and Rob asked hard-hitting questions. I felt like I was more at a job interview at times than a date. I purposely shoved an excessive amount of chips in my mouth when the topic of politics came up.

At that point, I couldn’t order a cocktail fast enough.

When it comes to cocktails, Besito didn’t disappoint. With their expansive drink selection ranging from house-made margaritas to tequila sampling flights, you’re bound to find a thirst quenching taste bud pleaser.

Make sure you come thirsty and you’ll certainly leave happy!

The La Sandia, or the watermelon margarita, hit every mark on my cocktail checklist. It was visually appealing with its bright pink color, the rim of sugar, and strategically placed cut of watermelon.

Crafted with organic Casa Noble Blanco tequila, Cointreau, fresh watermelon, agave nectar, and freshly squeezed lime juice, your taste buds are sure to be awakened. It certainly brought a newfound energy to the lackluster conversation between Rob and me.

It was either so delicious that I had to order a second, or I needed the tequila to bear with the realization I would not like another date with Rob.

When it comes to appetizers, the Table Side Guacamole is a must! Choose from one to two mashed avocados combined with freshly chopped tomato, cilantro, onion, and jalapenos right before your eyes.

The spice all depends on your palette; you can choose from mild, medium, to hot. I looked over to Rob hoping he wouldn’t make me suffer through an unbearably hot appetizer. He luckily regained some brownie points choosing mild.

The entree menu offers a variety of classic Mexican dishes. There are meat, seafood, and vegetarian options available, so no matter what your preference you’re bound to find something that fits your dietary needs.

When my eyes honed in on the “Iron Skillet Tacos” section of the menu, I stopped dead in my tracks. So many options were available between chicken, chorizo, or vegetable filled tacos. It made my choice a difficult one and revealed my indecisive nature to Rob, to which he didn’t seem impressed.

After an agonizing struggle, the Carne Asada Tacos were my final entree decision. I was incredibly unimpressed with Rob’s uninspired choice of the steak quesadillas after taking in Besito’s menu full of creative dishes.

We sat in an awkward lull for a bit of time as he stumbled over words looking desperately for conversation.

Saved by the server at last!

He came out juggling a bubbling, steaming hot skillet with steak served alongside cheese and pico de gallo. He handed over a packet of tortillas and canisters filled to the brim with rice and beans and it was time to dig in!

I placed my warm tortilla down and began building my carne asada taco. The steak was cooked to perfection with a crisp crust outside while still juicy and pink inside. Rob sarcastically commented on my choice of medium rare and my eyes couldn’t help but roll in frustration from his lack of a filter.

The melted gooey cheese along with the pico de gallo completed the taco and my taste buds ran wild with glee. At least one part of my evening exceeded expectations!

While the steak had a bit of a chewy texture, it was seasoned wonderfully and saved me from partaking in forced conversation.

The rice was cooked with a bit of bite left to keep its integrity served with the black beans. The black beans were smooth and tasty.

The overall entree was savory and stayed true to Mexican cuisine.

Though you’re likely to be stuffed by the time dessert rolls around, you can’t pass up the free cinnamon sugar churros!

I was thankful they were served in a small white to-go bag so I could get the check and head back to the foreign car quickly. I love my dessert, but I also didn’t love the direction the date was headed.

I picked up the tab, offering my treat to which I was bombarded with comments about how women should “not be paying the bill.” I denied his borderline chauvinist nature by slapping my blue card into the little black book.

After signing the dotted line, I couldn’t wait to leave the restaurant. I munched on the warm and deliciously crisp churros during the walk to the car. The cinnamon sugar coating was the only thing that could sweeten my night and I couldn’t help but indulge, eating all three in the bag in one sitting.

I also knew I would have to eat the messy treats before reaching the car to avoid getting cinnamon on Rob’s beloved leather seats.

Overall, Besito Mexican Restuarant was a wonderful dining experience. Rob, however? A wonderful date experience, not so much.

My taste buds were excited and satisfied through every course of the meal, making up for the disappointing lack of connection with Rob. I would rate this restaurant based off of environment, quality, taste, and overall experience 4 stars out of 5.

The date, on the other hand, would have to get 2 stars out of 5. While I would gladly return to Besito, Rob will not be across the table again.

Besito Mexican Rating

4 star rating

Rob, the date, Rating

2 star rating