Wynnewood, Lower Merion Township, PA —  According to a study by The Pew Research Center public trust in the government has been steadily eroding and remains near historic lows, with only 17% of Americans today saying that they can trust the government in Washington, DC to do what is right.  The data goes back as far as 1958.

A new poll recently conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal shows how Americans have less trust in Facebook regarding personal information than the federal government. Six out of ten people polled do not trust Facebook with their personal information. Conversely, 35% of adults in the US surveyed do not trust the federal government with their personal information. These results do not say good things about Americans perceptions of Facebook.

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Graphic created by Steve Myers, TAPinto  

Amazon, which holds a treasure trove of credit card data and personal information performed much better in the survey than Google who presumably does not have as much credit card information and data on Americans.  Only 28% of respondents reported not trusting Amazon with their personal information while 37% reported not trusting Google to protect the personal information carefully.

Facebook’s problems have only gotten worse since the last presidential election.  When outside companies like Cambridge analytics were able to access and use Facebook data in their quest to allegedly swing an election.

Things have gotten worse for Facebook when their CEO Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to Washington in 2018, to give testimony about Facebook and its practices.  Across the internet, Zuckerberg was described as appearing witless, clueless and evasive in answering congressional testimony about Facebook and its practices.

Since then Facebook has tried to improve and launched an advertising campaign that centered on their attempt to restore trust. However, the company took a huge step backward when its platform was suggested as being a key aspect of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

And most recently, the company announced a series of changes to how it displays news feeds, but the tech community’s reception of these changes has been lukewarm, with some suggesting these changes will backfire and amplify fake news from some sources making people trust the company even less.

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