Wynnewood, Lower Merion Township, PA — Lower Merion Police are investigating an incident at the Green Hill Condominiums in Wynnewood, PA, on January 9, 2019, at 12:03 PM where a man allegedly assaulted the Condo’s security personnel inside their own gatehouse, according to LMPD officials.

Lower Merion Police said they received a complaint that a man attempting to leave the condos without stopping, evaded security personnel and devices by forcing his vehicle onto the condominium properties at 1001 City Avenue in Wynnewood section of Lower Merion Township.

The vehicle was described in the report to have tinted windows that obstructed a view of the interior so those in the gatehouse could not get a clear look at the driver. This vehicle stopped at the security gatehouse and when told to roll down the windows the driver did not comply, said police.  

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Drivers coming to and from the condominium property are identified and their reason for being on the property is verified prior to access onto the sprawling grounds.  

This driver thought of a different system, however, said police. The window was not rolled down nor was an initial identification made, according to reports.  And after a short period of time, the driver swerved the vehicle up on to the sidewalk effectively rendering the security stop gate useless, police said.

Later the vehicle returned to the gatehouse to exit, police reported.  According to the many witnesses on the scene, it was reported that the driver exited the vehicle and went to the gatehouse.  At that point the driver, using a closed fist, assaulted the security person with a punch to the nose causing trauma and a nose injury, police officials said.

The assailant was simply described as a black male and no further description was provided.

Lower Merion Police Department asked that anyone with information on this incident contact them immediately at 610-649-1000.

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