Narberth, PA — John Hickenlooper, Narberth, PA, native and former Governor of Colorado, announced Monday that he is running for President in 2020.

Hickenlooper, the two-term Democratic Governor, joined 15 other Democratic candidates in their bid to challenge incumbent Donald Trump in 2020 when he announced his candidacy on "Good Morning America."

"I believe that not only can I beat Donald Trump, but that I am the person that can bring people together on the other side and actually get stuff done," said Hickenlooper, talking to George Stephanopoulos Monday.

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He went on to say in a video that he is running "because we're facing a crisis that threatens everything we stand for."

Hickenlooper, 67, grew up in Narberth with his mother and three siblings. He said his childhood prepared him for the battle ahead, and that he's tough enough to take his candidacy through whatever the opposition has to throw at him.

Toughness runs in the family Hickenlooper said. His father died when he was 8-years-old after battling cancer. His mother, Anne, hails from the Morris family that was one of the first settlers of Philadelphia in the 1600s.

 "As a kid with Coke bottle glasses and a funny last name, I've stood up to my fair share of bullies," he says in the video. "Standing tall when it matters is one of the things that really drives me."

Hickenlooper attended Ardmore Junior High briefly, before switching to Haverford School where he played soccer and baseball. In 1970 he graduated and went on to attend Wesleyan University, majoring in English. Then he went on to earn a master's degree in geology and moved to Colorado in 1981 to work in the oil industry. 

After being laid off, Hickenlooper started to brew beer and became a successful entrepreneur opening 15 pubs and restaurants throughout the Midwest.

Then in 2003, he got involved in politics. He ran for and was elected mayor of Denver that year. And in 2011 he became Governor of Colorado, serving two terms.

During his time as Governor, he pushed for Medicaid expansion, gun control legislation, and passed recreational marijuana regulations. His time in the office saw the state experience an economic upturn.

Hickenlooper said that he would kick off his presidential campaign on Thursday with a rally in Denver and then he's off to Iowa to court the straw poll vote in what used to be one of the most critical early litmus tests of a presidential candidate.

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