School Board (Lower Merion School District) - Lower Merion and Narberth voters.

DEMOCRATIC RESULTS:  9 Candidates running for five open seats.

Candidate Party Votes
Shayna Kalish  D 6,380
Lucy Klain  D 5,817 
Subha Robinson  D 5,647 
Peter Lee D 5,571
Shawn Mooring  D 5,500
Tannia Schrieber  D 1,693
Christina Fink D 1,456
Mary Brown D 1,443
Terry Spahr D 836 
Write-In    D 42


Republican Results: 10 Candidates running for five open seats.

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Candidate Party Votes
Mary Brown R 1,464
Christina Fink R 1,409
Terry Spahr R 1,347
Rob Eckstein R 1,297
Tannia Schrieber R 1,232
Peter Lee R 532
Lucy Klain R 496
Shawn Mooring R 441
Shayna Kalish R 383
Subha Robinson R 307
Write-in R 38


The top five School Board Candidates from each party will run for the five open seats.


Narberth Borough Council - 3 open seats.   Only the Democrats had any candidates running.  A total of 1,804 votes were cast.


Candidate Party Votes
Muna Elshakhs   D 620
Robert McGreevey D 587
Bob Weisbord    D 578
Write-In D 19


Lower Merion Township Commissioners

Commissioners recap:  * denotes Incumbent

Candidate Ward Votes
Daniel S. Bernheim*    D 1 415
Michael F. McKeon*     D 3 417
Ray A. Courtney*         D 5 418
David F. McComb        D 9 424
Ricky M. Guerra          D 9 350
Tiffany O'Neill*            R 11 205
Gilda Kramer               D 13 551
Mike Leibowitz            D 13 308


Incumbents in Wards 1, 3, 5 won with no opposition from within the party, and no candidates ran for the Republican primary seats.   In Ward 9 the winner was a newcomer that was not endorsed by the Democrat party, and again no candidates were running for the Republican side of the primary.  

In Ward 11, the Republican candidate ran unopposed, and on the Democratic side, there were no candidates fielded.

In Ward 13, On the Democratic side, Kramer beat out Leibowitz and while the Democratic Party had no official endorsed candidate; it appeared their support was behind the winner. The Republican’s fielded no candidates.  

Unless something shocking happens; it is not too hard to figure out who will serve as the next commissioners from Lower Merion Township.

In the County Commissioners primary race the Republicans and the Democrats vied for two seats.

County Commissioner Democrat primary:

Candidate Party Votes
Val Arkoosh D 48,398
Kenneth E. Lawrence, Jr D 46,841
Ray Sosa D 9,789

County Commissioner Republican primary:

Candidate Party Votes
Joe Gale* R 16,233
Fred Conner R 16,114
Dean Eisenberge R 14,454
 Sean Gale R 14,420
France W. Krazalkovich R 5,909

Complete Primary Voting including judges and row offices can be found at the County Website.

Note - Counts and totals are not official until the certified. 

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