How do you impress your potential customers? Encourage them to view your site and enjoy a good service experience? Have them wondering about the eye catching logo you have chosen to represent your company?

Your company’s website and logo design are elements which will not only stick with your business, but also define it in that initial period, during which you want to attract as many customers as possible. This is why it is elementary to have a logo and website design which represent your business and provide a user experience which will have visitors coming back for more.

Ever wondered why other businesses hire professionals to create a stellar and unique logo for their business? Has it ever struck you as odd as to why a competitor decided to seek expert help in designing their business website, instead of making it a DIY job?

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The answer is simple. Both logo and web design are too important to make a mess of. No business wants to present customers with a website having an amateur feel to it, neither do they want a logo which fails to grab attention and define their business to its target market. Messing up these two essential points leaves a high possibility that your business may fail.

Want to know what elements to consider while planning website and logo design for your business? The following are some tips to help you out, but remember, professional help is your key to assured success.

Must-Haves for Your Business Logo

When planning what your business logo should look like, it is essential that you know what you want as a representation of your business. Only then can you ask a professional to give your ideas a graphic image. Following are some must-haves for every business logo design:

Take your pick from the different types and categories of logo designs available, to choose one which meets your business needs. Logos may be wordmarks, pictorials, letterforms, or abstract in design.

Select the type of logo design which would suit your business, your company, service, size and portfolio.

A business logo must reflect your brand consistency. Since a logo communicates the value of your brand, choose a design which reflects the message of the business. For example, the logo of Apple initially defined an upstart business, and now has a sleek look to explain its superiority in the industry. Your logo should be remarkable, unique, easily distinguishable from amongst dozens of other logo designs, and should also be highly memorable

Website Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

While considering the best web design for your business, make sure you realize what a company website means for your business. In short, if your website doesn’t impress visitors, you can forget about them placing orders or even placing inquiries about your services. Pack a hard and impressive punch with your business website if you want to make an impact and convert potentials into loyal customers.

Following are some web design mistakes you definitely want to avoid:

Doing a rushed job with your web design is the biggest mistake any business could make. In the hurry to put up your website, if you fail to do thorough research and understand your target market, then your website will fall short of your customers’ needs and expectations. This is one mistake that can cost a business in the startup period, and even affect their chances of competing in the industry.

Your website needs to be designed to market your product and business, and not just be flashy with a busy design. The site should be designed to assist users to easily navigate and search for services and the items they need, instead of them getting lost in the labyrinth of flashy colors, and having no idea on how to view your portfolio or place an order.

First impressions are everything, and if you want to give your customer the first look to completely wow them with your website, don’t make the website design a DIY project. If you have no experience with website designing, it is best to leave it to the pros, and discuss with them what you want for your business website.

This article was originally published by Janeene High 

Janeene High is the owner of Results Driven Marketing, a 100%  women owned business headquartered in Wynnewood, PA with an office in Philadelphia, PA.  Janeene and here team have been helping customers increase qualified traffic to their websites by using the latest SEO strategies. If you or your business looking to be found by more people that need your services, contact  RDM or give Janeene a call 215-393-8700. 


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