After distributing over 5,500 backpacks to veterans in need, the team at Backpacks For Life realized that there wasn’t a backpack designed specifically to meet the needs of the homeless and at-risk veteran community that Backpacks For Life serves…so they designed one.

Former Marine Corps veteran, Sgt. Brett D’Alessandro designed The Bowery Pack with one thing in mind…our veterans. The pack doubles as the perfect hiking or traveling bag, with a handful of unprecedented design features like a built-in, collapsible sleeping mat and a detachable grab-and-go lid. Backpacks For Life has launched a campaign in support of The Bowery Pack with the hopes of raising funds to support developing this backpack. For each backpack that is purchased, the Backpacks For Life team will distribute one to a homeless veteran. To take the concept of giving back one step further, Backpacks For Life will also be working with a veteran employment program to provide transitioning military veterans the opportunity to work the production line at the manufacturing facility where the backpacks are made. Backpacks For Life founders Brett D’Alessandro and Alexa Modero came up with the design for The Bowery Pack through feedback from the veterans that they have served for the past 5 years. “This bag is a mobile home and most importantly, a symbol of hope for our veterans,” explains Backpacks For Life Co-Founder, Brett  D’Alessandro.

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About Backpacks for Life

Backpacks For Life is a 501(c)(3) is a nonprofit organization that provides a unique and personalized support system for homeless/at-risk veterans and their families that effectively bridges the gap between veterans and resources available to them. After his return from a  challenging deployment to Afghanistan, Sgt. Brett D’Alessandro decided he needed to do more and has been mentoring homeless/at-risk veterans for 5 years. Alexa Modero is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Backpacks For Life.