Ardmore, Lower Merion Township, PA — Have you ever said to yourself “I can do that job” and you were speaking about being a Lower Merion Township Commissioner?  Id so, you may have a chance to apply. The Board of Commissioners last night accepted the resignation of veteran commissioner Cheryl Gelber, who has held the Ward 5 seat for 15 years.


“We have 30 days to act, according to statute,” stated Daniel S. Bernheim 3rd who is the President of the Board of Commissioners.  “I encourage anyone with an interest to step forward.”


The qualifications to hold the position are that each candidates must be registered to vote and must have lived in Ward 5 for at least one year.  Ward 5 covers North Ardmore and Wynnewood.

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(Image)  Ward 5 Map Courtesy of Lower Merion Planning Commission via


Applications must be submitted to Jody L. Kelly, Township Secretary no later than noon on February 15, 2019.  Jody has volunteered to answer any questions that applicants or those considering the position may have. They can reach her by calling the township at 610-645-6145.  You can direct an email to her to


Successful applicants will be interviewed February 20th starting at 7:30 PM in the Boardroom at the Township Administration Building located at 75 E, Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore.


The term of the appointment expires in January 2020.  


According to our sources, the job is not for someone that is short on time. Today we spoke with three commissioners who each estimate that they put at least 20 hours a week into the position.  


We asked the three what they thought were characteristics that applicants should have.


Ability to promptly respond to constituents.

Being flexible.

Superior listening skills.

Being able to discern facts over opinion

Relying on the advice of the township’s employees

Have the best interest of the township and its residents at heart.


Characteristics that would be a plus to have


Knowledge of the township

Experience with government and how it works

Somebody that can learn and understand all of the moving parts of local government.


Editor's note:  Cheryl Gelber resigned the position for personal reasons.  Ms. Gelber has served the residents of Lower Merion for the last 15 years.  Very soon, we will be publishing a piece on Ms. Gelber and her service to the residents of Lower Merion.




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