Narberth Borough, PA — the Borough Council has declared war on trash.  Not just any trash, but trash that the Borough usually would not pick up during its weekly collections.  The Borough has announced June 3 through June 7 spring cleanup week. A daily calendar has been developed showing street by street when the special collections will happen.

The Borough has entered into a contract with advanced disposal a trash collection and disposal company who will go street by street during the week, picking up items that are generally not removed or picked up by the Borough's trash service.

Materials must still be placed curbside and will be collected on the days outlined below. There are some stipulations to the program;

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Building materials are not wanted: Wood, plaster, and concrete will not be collected.

Hazardous materials are not allowed: Paint chemicals or pesticides will not be collected.

Electronics: televisions, computers, keyboards, and sound equipment will not be collected.

Lawn and garden waste will not be collected.

Appliances: air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, stoves come as washers and dryers will not be collected.

Rugs will be collected but must be cut into 4-foot lengths and then rolled and tied with string.

Metals will not be collected.

Tires will not be collected.

Narberth residents can schedule a bulk pick-up for June 25, using the link on the Borough's website. Please refer to the Borough's website for monthly collection dates.

During the course of the year, Montgomery County holds special events during the year where you can take hazardous materials, electronics, and other waste to various sites for disposal.

If you have electronics to be disposed of checkout Montgomery County's electronic drop-off locations.   You can check out Montgomery County's recycling information here.


Here is the day-by-day and by Streets collection schedule for the week.


Monday, June 3, 2019

Beechvvood Lane,

Berkley Road,

Brynvvood Manor,

Conway Avenue,

Country Lane,

Foxhall Lane,

Homewood Avenue,

Barrie Road,

Dudley Avenue,

Elm Terrace,

Forrest Avenue 

Grayling Ave., 100 & 200 Blks,

Hampden Avenue

Haverford Ave. Essex to Narberth

Grayling Ave. 300 Blk.

Haverford Avenue Montgomery to Narberth

Iona Avenue

Lantwyn Lane

Chestnut Avenue

Elmwood Avenue

Grove Place

Langdon Lane

Montgomery Ave., west of Essex Ave.

Narbrook Park

Narwyn Lane

Price Ave., west of Dudley

Sabine Ave., west of Dudley

Shady Lane


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Essex Avenue

Montgomery Ave., Essex to Narberth

Price Ave., Dudley to Essex


Wednesday. June 5, 2019

Narberth Ave., Haverford to Montgomery

Price Ave., Essex to Narberth

Sabine Ave., Essex to Narberth

Station Circle


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Meeting House Lane

Montgomery Ave., Narberth to Haverford

Price Avenue,

Narberth to Montgomery

Shirley Circle


Friday. June 7, 2019

Maple Avenue

Merion Avenue

S. Narberth Avenue

Stuart Avenue

Windsor Ave., west of Dudley

Wynnedale Circle

Wynnedale Road

N. Wynnewood Avenue

Wynnewood Court Hansen Court

Stepney Place

Windsor Ave, west of Essex

Wayne Avenue

Windsor Ave., Narberth to Hampden

Woodbine Ave., Essex to Narberth

Shirley Road Williams Avenue

Woodbine Ave., Narberth to Moot.

Rockland Avenue

Woodside Avenue

E. Wynnewood Road