Harrisburg, PA – Today, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of disgraced Pennsylvania former Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  Kane has now exhausted all legal option causing her to head to jail. 

Kane, age 52 was the 1st woman elected and the first Democrat elected to Pennsylvania’s top law enforcement job.  She was convicted two years ago for perjury and other related charges.

Kane was a former prosecutor from Lackawanna County and is a native of Scranton, PA. Until her downfall, she was a darling of the PA Democratic Party.  

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 Kane, sentenced to serve 10-23 months in the Montgomery County prison has been maneuvering through the legal system to stay out of jail until her state appeals were exhausted. The judge in the case did allow her to stay jail free until appeals were heard or exhausted.

 Kane asked the high court to review and hear her case after Superior Court affirmed her perjury and other convictions.  One of Kane’s claims was that the Kane was allegedly leaking grand jury information for the purpose of hurting a prominent rival.  Kane also took the position that a special prosecutor who built the case against her had no legal authority.

 The Montgomery County DA's office spokesperson Kate Delano said that the office would immediately revoke Kane’s bail.  Kane could try to negotiate terms of her surrender but that would need the approval of the court.