The following was released to us by State Senator Daylin Leach's office.  It is published exactly as received.


Leach’s Statement on Conclusion of Eckert Seamans Investigation

“I am gratified that the investigation ordered by Senator Jay Costa as Democratic Leader of the Senate has absolved me of false charges made against me. Specifically, the report says there was no evidence that I ever engaged in any behavior that could be called sexual harassment, predatory, discriminatory or illegal. Further they concluded that I have never violated any Senate policy.

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As most of you know, the past seventeen months have been extremely difficult for me, my family, my staff and my friends. I found myself in a vortex of constant, unrelenting publicity that sought to portray me as something I am not.

I have always maintained my innocence and said that I had a great deal of compelling evidence which would prove it. I craved due process, but not as an empty effort to deflect or stall. I sincerely believed that anyone who reviewed the evidence would clearly see that I have never deliberately made anyone uncomfortable or been predatory in any way. When people who were never willing to look at the evidence condemned me or signed statements against me, and when a small group of people took to disrupting my events, I felt I had no choice but to sue for defamation, accepting the higher burden that a public figure bears in such cases. That litigation is ongoing. 

Then, in January, the Senate Democratic Caucus agreed to hire a law firm (ECKERT SEAMANS) to investigate the situation. I am grateful that someone was finally willing to listen. It is clear that ECKERT took the time to do a thorough investigation, reviewing my entire career in public service. They spoke to nineteen witnesses and reviewed thousands of pages of documents over almost five months. They wrote a comprehensive report, of which they prepared a summary that is linked here for those who wish to read it. 

As unpleasant as this has been, it was important that I persevere. To do otherwise would have ill-served the cause of ensuring due process, which is literally the cornerstone of any democracy. Nobody should be condemned without being heard. And I will spend the balance of my career fighting for that basic truth.

I bear no ill will towards anyone who came out against me. To those who stuck with me when it was hard, I am forever indebted to you and I will do all I can working to make you proud of your brave choice. I also wish to offer a special thank you to our constituents who have always been overwhelmingly supportive. You are the ones who matter the most. 

Of course, vindication does not mean that I am without flaws, the report does say that I have on occasion, used poor judgement in my choice of humor. I have always felt that humor was a force for light in an often very dark world. But the goal was always to make people laugh, and never to make them uncomfortable. I apologize to anyone who may have been offended, and I will work hard to do better. In the meantime, I look to forward to focusing my full energies on protecting the values and principles that are important to us all.”

Senator Daylin Leach represents the 17th Senatorial District, which includes parts of Montgomery County and Delaware County. For more information visit

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