Harrisburg, PA — The Attorney General’s Office announced the arrests of seven people that were accused of stealing over $100,000.  Identity theft and credit card fraud was the means used to pilfer the victim’s money.

The arrests were made following a statewide grand jury investigation that revealed suspects lived in various parts of the state and the country.

Most victims were customers of Capital One when their identities and credit cards were stolen.   The cards were altered to show the names of the alleged perpetrators, but the identifying magnetic strip that holds the valuable credit data showed the names of the victims and their bank information.  

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“The Office of Attorney General’s Criminal Prosecutions Section has successfully shut down a corrupt organization that was stealing the identities of individuals across the country and defrauding victims, including many seniors,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

'Swipers”  was a term the AG’s office used to denote that the perpetrators of the fraud swiped the cards versus using the chip method where the credit card is inserted into the Point of Sale Terminal versus just being swiped. Not using the chip reduced the security level thus making it easier to use fraudulently.

The two groups bought Visa gift cards at supermarkets across the state, that were often turned into money orders.

One group was allegedly lead by Rashean Jackson, 41, of Bronx, NY, and Jessica Walter, 36 of Berwick, Pa. and Sabrina Jackson-Creel 24, of Reading, Pa. were also allegedly involved.

Jackson’s group used stolen cards to make unauthorized purchases totaling $31,899.91 at Giant Food Stores and $29,794.99 at Weis Markets, totaling $61,694.90.

According to the AG’s office, many of the victims were 60 or more years old.  The AG’s office reported that a 74-year-old was robbed of over $4,576 in just one day.

The oldest crime victim was 87 years old.

The second group was allegedly lead by lead by Jaleel Geddes-Kelly, 40, of Cambria Heights, New York. Joselito Joseph, 40 of Valley Stream, New York, Tammy Gibson, 42, of Wilkes Barre, Pa. and Houdini Saunders, 41, of Nanticoke, Pa. were all alleged to be part of the Geddes-Kelly’s group.

Jaleel Geddes-Kelly’s group only used their cards at Giant Food Stores where they racked up over 53,198 in fraudulent purchases.  

The AG stated that the victims were from twelve states including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, and New Jersey. The fraudulent activity occurred in 21 different Pennsylvania counties including Montgomery County.

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