Wynnewood, PA — Zion Taylor reportedly walked out of the hospital only two days after being pried and cut out of her car by Lower Merion fire personnel. She left Lankenau Medical Center banged up, bruised and with no recollection of the accident.  She had a head injury requiring many stitches behind her left ear.

The head injury most likely caused her lapse of memory.

Taylor, age 21, was driving to her Philadelphia home from work on that fateful day when in a split second an accident happened and she blacked out.  

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She was only a few miles away from her destination when she awoke to find herself trapped in a mangled automobile where men and women rescuers were scrambling to extricate her.  

She didn't know what happened, she hurt badly, was bleeding, and the sounds of the saws and cutting tools were deafening.


Rescuers preparing to remove the roof to extricate the 21-year-old victim


How it Happened

Taylor told TAPinto that she was driving home from work where she is a "bus chauffeur."  Now that her only means of transportation is gone she is struggling to get back and forth.

She woke up in the car trapped, pinned by the door that was pulverized and forced into the driver's compartment.  The car posts, beams, and frame were bashed in and misaligned.

The car had just rocketed across Lancaster Avenue and after spinning 180 degrees to face oncoming traffic.

The Lower Merion Emergency Services personnel rushed to the aid of the 21-year old woman when the car she was driving, a Silver Mitsubishi Mirage careened out of control.  

Taylor was dazed and confused, and she wasn't sure what happened.  Sirens were screaming and getting louder.

Why was this car all smashed up and where was she, she thought.  

Focussing her eyes was hard.

What is dripping on her?  Blood. The pain starts to get her.  Oh my God, is my leg broken or my arm?  

The sirens are getting very loud.

She had lost control of the vehicle right at the bend on Lancaster Avenue which is four lanes wide with little traffic lights or control signals.  The major artery in and out of Lower Merion has 35 Miles signed posted.

A man's face peered into the broken windshield, damaged with web-like cracks throughout.

“Miss are you alright?  Miss, can you hear me?”

The man was a passerby that stopped to assist the stricken driver.

The car, clearly totaled was wedged up against a large rock, some might say boulder, on the property’s front lawn fifty feet from Lancaster Avenue.  She woke up finding herself crushed and bleeding and trapped in the car.


The bumper lies at the front of the rock/boulder.  The tip of the Jaws of Life cutting tool nearby


Rushed to the Hospital

Luckily for Taylor, her accident occurred in Lower Merion Township.  The township has two heavy fire units that cover the section of the Schuylkill Expressway that runs through Lower Merion Township.  On average the fire department sends equipment to accidents and incidents all most weekly and usually more. Not only are the firefighters well trained they are experienced

Paramedics and EMTs from Narberth Ambulance were right there with her.  Narberth Ambulance covers all medical, accident and incidents emergency calls in Lower Merion,  Narberth, West Conshohocken, and Haverford Township. They are as seasoned as any EMS team in Pennsylvania.

Lankenau Medical Center lay merely 1000 yards from the point of the crash.  Once the medics got Taylor into the ambulance, the ride was under a minute.


What is left of the roof now lies in the passenger seat. Doorposts and beams removed.


The Scene of the Accident

Tire tracks measuring two inches deep were embedded into the front lawn of the home at Wood Circle and E. Lancaster Ave.in Wynnewood home. The tracks led straight to the huge rock that is stationed on the long front lawn of the home.

Update From the Police

Police investigators from the Traffic Safety Unit have concluded their investigation, and there will be no charges filed.

“There are no charges pending” according to officials with the Lower Merion Police Traffic Safety Unit.

That doesn't mean that she will not receive a traffic violation.  The TAPinto policy is not to report on motor vehicle charges unless there was criminality.  

The original story can be found here.


Note: photo submitted by the homeowner that is also a Penn Wynne Fire company member.


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