It has been one long winter. For those looking for a new way to fight those seasonal blues, the Lower Providence Community Library has an answer. And they can help the children, too.

LPCL is offering a winter yoga class for adults.  On Mondays from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. and on Fridays from 3:30 and 4:30 p.m., certified yoga instructor Kamini Patel holds sessions for just $5. Visitors are asked to bring along a mat or a towel to work on, but the course requires no other materials or experience.

Those attending cannot only feel better physically, but while enjoying the affordable class can also feel great emotionally. Proceeds for the yoga courses are used to fund books and supplies to children in India.

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“Registration is required,” noted the release regarding the courses that will run through February. “Sign-up at the circulation desk or call 610-666-6640, ext. 0. Those interested may also email

If you were hoping to settle the children as well, those as young as 3 to 6 can also enjoy a similar relaxation with yoga for children. A weekly Saturday class will be hosted at the library starting on Feb. 15 at 1 p.m.

Patel will instruct those ages 3 to 6.

“[Patel] will guide your child through relaxation techniques, stretching and gentle yoga poses,” said the release. “This is a 45-minute session.”

Children should, like adults, bring a mat or towel for the course. The class is just $5, and the proceeds will benefit the same worthy cause. Classes will continue on Saturdays through Saturday, June 28.

Registration for the children’s yoga course will also be required, and can be accomplished in the same manor as the adult course.

Yoga classes, such as the one being taught by Patel, can offer a number of health benefits for those of all ages.  According to, there are seven proven improvements that yoga offers the mind and body.

Benefits include:

·      Make You Happier

·      Lessen Pain

·      Sleep better, longer

·      Reduce anxiety

·      Higher body satisfaction

·      Strength training, toning

·       Feel calmer


Studies showed than an hour of “asanas” or a series of standing, sitting and balancing, raised the levels of a brain chemical called GABA, according to The chemical is linked to depression. Those that did one hour of yoga increased levels by 27 percent during a Boston University School of Medicine and McLean Hospital reported.

If lower back pain ails you, the report said that two, 90-minute classes a week for six months eased pain by 56 percent, according to a study in “Spine.”

Insomniacs found a benefit, too, said the report. Those doing 45 minutes of yoga a day fell asleep 15 minutes faster and slept an hour longer each night after just two months of the exercise.

For the full report on the studies done, and benefits of yoga, visit the article here. For more information on the library’s yoga classes, visit the library website here.