Though funds raised are now over $15 million for ALS research, the Ice Bucket Challenge is still going strong. Those in Lower Providence Township ought to know. It isn’t just the community’s residents that have doused themselves in icy water. The municipality’s staff and emergency support services have gotten in on the act, as well.

On Sunday, Aug. 24, the Lower Providence Police Department participated in the challenge.

See the video by clicking here.

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They nominated staff of the township, the Lower Providence Fire Department and the Lower Providence EMS Medic 322-A to participate.

On Monday, Aug. 25, the Fire Department responded on Facebook with the following video:

See LPFD video by clicking here.

The department’s volunteers in turn nominated Collegeville Fire Company, the staff at Streamlight in Eagleville and the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety’s dispatchers. Those parties now have 24 hours to respond.

Stay tuned into LP TAP for more on the challenge that aims to bring awareness and donations to those suffering with ALS, which currently has no cure.

To donate to the cause, visit for more information.