Properties throughout the county are being checked for back taxes. Montgomery County Treasurer Jason Salus, who also serves as the County’s Director of Tax Claim, said that, in order to boost the local economy, he is on a mission to sell the homes.

All qualified bidders were invited Tuesday to participate in the upcoming Upset Real Estate Tax Sale.

“Properties offered at Upset Sale are chronically delinquent and have outstanding tax balances dating back at least two years,” said Salus.

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The Upset Sale process was initiated back in July, according to Bridget Lafferty, the office’s second deputy, when 1,294 delinquent taxpayers throughout Montgomery County received formal notice that they were eligible for sale.

According to Salus, as a result of the work of the Tax Claim Bureau, as of Tuesday, Sept. 9, only about half of those properties remained eligible for sale and all others have paid in full or entered into payment plans to satisfy their delinquent balances.

“The result of these efforts,” said Salus, “has been an influx of $2,265,659.40 in delinquent tax revenue to our County, local school districts and municipalities.”

Salus hopes that most will repay their owed taxes. Those that do not can be placed back into full use via the Upset Real Estate Tax sale.

The next sale is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 18 at 10 a.m. in Courtroom A of the Montgomery County Courthouse (2 E. Airy Street, in Norristown, Pa.).

A complete list of properties available in this Sale can be found by visiting the county’s tax claim website here.

“Please note that this list is updated daily and may change up,” said Lafferty.

Those that purchase any homes at the sale are encouraged to do some research prior to the sale, as the properties may not be free and clear.

“While there are many attractive opportunities for investors, bidders are advised to complete their due diligence in advance of the Sale,” said Lafferty in a release. “Properties offered at Upset Sale are sold encumbered and include mortgages, liens, etc.”

All interested bidders must register with the Tax Claim Bureau by close of business on the day prior to the Sale. The forms, which must be notarized, can be found by visiting the website here. A full list of the rules, regulations and procedures can be found here on the website.

A full list of properties at, as of Sept. 8, were still listed on the list for sale, included the following Lower Providence Township properties:

Lower Providence Properties for Sale

Address, owner, amount of back taxes/starting bid

·      118 Reid Drive, Katie Anderson, $2,602.01

·      7 S. Grange Ave, Bank of NY Trust Co., $925.66

·      7 Elizabeth Drive, Clarence Blessing, $1,163.96

·      0 Tomstock Road, Timothy C. and Jennifer L. Carfrey, $1,231.18

·      109 Washington Drive, Donna VanSant and Robert C. Cary, $1,860.70

·      110 Reid Drive, Marc Ciccarella, $2,876.96

·      11 Willow Ave., Salvatore M. and Michael DiDonato, $20,953.87

·      1126 Bayless Place, Bldg. 10, Condo H-6, Shane B. Ericson, $6,737.63

·      3029 Appledale Road, Bruce D. and Joan Ewing, $8,671.24

·      1 Broad St., Lucy and Willard L. Lindsay, $847.81

·      7 Broad St., The Estate of Lucy and Willard L. Lindsay, $847.81

·      7 Broad St., The Estate of Lucy and Willard L. Lindsay, $847.81 (listed twice)

·      4 Broad St., The Estate of Lucy and Willard L. Lindsay, $827.81

·      27 Sunnyside Ave., The Estate of Margaret Love, $14,213.98

·      4 Sunnyside Ave., The Estate of Margaret Love, $2,558.82

·      1 Sunnyside Ave., The Estate of Margaret Love, $2,619.59

·      61 S. Park Ave., Stephen M. McGrath, $19,184.36

·      4 Moyer Road, Thomas and Carol O’Leary, $8,833.57

·      22 Franklin Drive, Lori Penna, $1,745.64

·      1 Third St., B.C. and Carmen P. Piergrossi Jr., $1,209.72

For more information or with any questions please contact the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau at 484 681-9231.