Lower Providence Fire Department responded to the call of a fire alarm at the Shannondell at Valley Forge property on Wednesday night.

Around 10:45 p.m., rescue teams were called to reports of a smoky apartment unit. Upon arrival, it took several minutes to narrow down the source of the smoke. At no point were visible flames seen from street level or reported at the scene.

Though reporters are not permitted on the premises, first responders confirmed that the cause of the distress call was a smoking washer and dryer unit. After reviewing several appliances and electronics in the unit, the rescue teams were able to deduct the source of the problem based on scent.

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 By 10:52 p.m., crews had narrowed down the source and were able to open up the unit for airing. Most units were dispatched soon after locating the source, leaving only the first responders at the scene.

No injuries were reported as of 11 p.m. No further information was available at the time of publication.