According to the last Census data available, that of 2010, the population of Lower Providence Township is 25,463. Of those persons living within the municipality’s borders, the census reports that 18,843 (74 percent) are over age 18.

Of those adults, 15,606 are registered voters. When it comes to the midterm elections, however, far fewer turn out to vote. In the township, 7,944 persons voted Tuesday with 7,818 doing so in person, with 126 sending in absentee ballots.

The turnout was just over 50 percent of the registered voters. But how did they vote?

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When it comes to the township, the election of governor, the municipality mirrored the state’s choice. Gov. Tom Corbett netted 46.11 percent of the vote, while Gov.-Elect and winner Democrat Tom Wolf too 53.69 percent of the vote. Only 15 people decided to write in a candidate, resulting in the remaining 0.19 percent.

The township also sided with the winner when it came to the 6th Congressional District. Republican Ryan Costello (4,296 votes) edged out Democrat Manan Trivedi (3,437 votes) in the township. Costello did win his district.

Lower Providence is also completely included now in the 150th Representative District. The township again aligned with the district’s winner, Republican Mike Vereb. Here in the township, as he took in 4,974 votes, or 63.77 percent of the votes. Democrat David C. McKenzie was awarded 2,818 votes in the township, or 36.13 percent of the municipality’s votes. The percents almost exactly mirrored the district’s outcome.

Similarly, Lower Providence soundly selected the 44th senatorial district’s winner, John C. Rafferty Jr. with 65 percent of the vote (5,096 votes) over democrat Kathi Cozzone. The district overall awarded 61 percent of the votes to Rafferty.

For more information on the township’s voting results, visit the Montgomery County election results pages here.