In a very short meeting of the Lower Providence Township Supervisors Thursday night, much of the chatter revolved around an ongoing project at the Shannondell at Valley Forge property.

One concerned citizen questioned whether the approval of the “consent agenda” would mean the removal of a previously planned road for through traffic in the area of Shannondell.

The item, listed as “Extensions,” was approved to allow an extension of Shannondell Phase Three. The phase called for a lengthening of roadways to allow for public use. At this time, the changes proposed to the road, as written by Audubon Land Development Corporation, the owners of the property, are no longer a part of the plans.

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“We have an application about the Shannondell Boulevard suggestion, but that was not a part of phase three,” explained Supervisor Chairwoman Colleen Eckman. “This is the Second Meadows project.”

Another project on the Shannondell property is still being discussed by the planning commission of Lower Providence Township. It has not yet been approved.

“One land development plan is in front of the planning commission now, but it does not extend the road,” said Eckman. “Right now it does not show it [being] a through street or open to the public.”

Many of the citizens of the township had concerns about the project, and many were anticipated at the upcoming meeting of the commission slated for Wednesday, March 26 at 7 p.m.

Unfortunately, according to Township Manager Richard Gestrich, that project will not be discussed as intended.

“There is an application in on an Eagleville [Road] property,” said Gestrich. “But a second item that was to discuss the Meadow project and Audubon Five, has been delayed.”

Gestrich noted that the delays are a result of requested reports not being available in time for the scheduled meeting.
“They are delayed because traffic studies are not complete,” he said.

The roads topic is, however, far from over.

“This portion of the plan is still being heard by the planning commission,” said Eckman. “It will be vetted at the planning commission’s meetings with Audubon Land Development Corp. The plan is before them [about] the road through Shannondell.”